Michigan SAT and PSAT Implementation

Gr 8   Apr 9    
Gr 9   Apr 9, 10 or 11    
Gr 10     Apr 9, 10 or 11  
Gr 11 Oct 10     Apr 9
KEY District Required State Requied

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) uses the SAT and PSAT assessments in their required summative assessments each spring. These College Board tests are all timed, paper-and-pencil tests.

The SAT, PSAT 10 and PSAT 8/9 are on a common score scale. As such, a student’s score on the PSAT 8/9 is the same score they would have gotten on the PSAT 10 or SAT had they taken it on the same day.

The MDE requires that all juniors take the SAT with essay on April 9, 2019 as part of the Michigan Merit Examination (MME). This test is used for the ELA and math MME components. Also, the MDE offers the PSAT 8/9 to freshmen and the PSAT 10 to sophomores across the state. These tests must be taken on April 9, 10 or 11, 2019. Schools choose which date works best.

Grade 8 Changes

  • The MDE now requires that all 8th graders take the PSAT 8/9. This test will be administered on April 9, 2019. This PSAT replaces both the M-STEP math and ELA tests. 8th graders will continue to take the M-STEP online assessments for science and social studies.
  • This test is a paper-and-pencil test. Previously, the M-STEP math and ELA assessments were online.
  • The PSAT 8/9 is a standardized, timed test, whereas the M-STEP online math and ELA tests were untimed and allowed for self-pacing.
  • Testing time will be reduced. The total test time for the PSAT 8/9 is 2 hours and 25 minutes, compared to the M-STEP math and ELA which had a combined estimated test time of 4 hours.
  • M-STEP tests are aligned to the assessed grade level only. For example, on an 8th grade M-STEP assessment only 8th grade standards are tested. In contrast, the PSAT 8/9 is aligned to a greater range of standards, including standards above and below the assessed grade level.
  • PSAT 8/9 test scores will be available to parents and students much earlier than M-STEP scores would be. Students over the age of 13 can sign up for an online account; their scores will be available in mid-to-late May 2019. Paper reports will be sent to schools in June.