Individual Education Program

Last Updated: 6/28/2018 8:21 PM

Midland Public Schools has implemented the Illuminate web-based IEP system, which allows virtual access for teachers and service providers. All components of the Illuminate IEP program are in compliance with the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education. The IEP process is a team process that is designed by all team members to describe, identify and document the programs and services a student with a defined disability requires to make progress in the general education curriculum.

The IEP team meets to review the success of the IEP each year and makes revisions as needed.

This new IEP has the same main parts as in past years, but it is now broken into sections that are easier to navigate. The present level of education and functional performance page ” as well as the goal page ” have been split into separate sections. Also, the last page which contained district and parent signatures is no longer a part of the IEP and has been replaced with two notice documents.

Administrators will explain the new documents at each child’s annual IEP meeting.

How To Obtain Services
Procedural Safeguards Notice